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Regional Adaptation Study

Recognising the growing need to take action now to adapt to the threats posed by climate change, a range of organisations in the Yorkshire and Humber region came together to commission a Regional Adaptation Study. The study aimed to improve understanding of climate changes, assess the threats and impacts they pose, and to identify how we need to adapt now to best manage these projected changes and impacts.

The study has:

  • Projected climate changes across the region to 2050 using state-of-the-art modeling techniques;
  • Assessed the impacts of the projected climate changes on current services, assets, communities, business and infrastructure;
  • Identified what needs to be done to adapt to the impacts;
  • Identified which organisations are best placed to take the lead in taking forward the identified adaptation actions;
  • It is intended that this study output provides a catalyst and focus for action across all sectors operating across the region.

A dedicated website was the main output from this project with a wide range of resources on impacts and adaptive measures, including downloadable factsheets for every local authority area in the region.

An executive summary and full report give an overview of the study and lists the main cross-cutting findings.